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Jilin Yongli Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is established in June 2005 and it is a large-scale comprehensive laser components manufacturer, which combines R&D with manufacturing, sale and service. Be honoured as the national key high-tech enterprise and Province-Class Enterprise Technical Center. Yongli laser adopts the vertical and integration strategy, starting from developing the production strategy, mastering multiple core technologies, and having a sustainable competitive advantage. To provide the customized services and entire solutions for laser equipment integrators meanwhile. The Optical dust-free production workshops are available in the three manufacturing base. The production line includes fibre laser, RF laser, CO2 laser tube. Successively be known as the governing units of the Chinese Optical Society of Laser Branch, the member of Chinese Optical Society Laser Processing Committee, Vice President Unit of Changchun Private Enterprise Association, Jilin Province Science and Technology "Little Giant" Enterprise, Changchun city Top 100 medium-sized enterprises, Top Ten Private Enterprises in New District of Changchun city. Yongli has the independent export entitlement and the main products are approved by ISO9001:2015 quality management system, CE, FCC, FDA, REACH, ROHS approvals.

Yongli's First International Show of 2020 – DSA Egypt
Yongli's First International Show of 2020 – DSA Egypt
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Yongli Won Laser Industry "Oscar " awards -2021 "Secret Light Awards"(SLA)
We won the Secret Light Award!
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