How to select an appropriate water chiller for your laser

author: Ian Wang
  1. To select a proper chiller, we should take laser tube power and the actual working status of the laser machine into account. The excessive temperature will lead damage to the laser tube and decrease the laser power output. The continuous high temperature will shorten the lifespan of the laser tube. So the high-power water chiller should be considered when the machine is equipped with a high-power laser tube.

  2. The surrounding temperature when the machine works. When the working temperature is below 10℃,water chiller will start the low-temperature protection function (most of the water chillers have such function)and the cooling fan will stop working. So we should pay more attention to the high-temperature situation, high-power water chiller should be considered when the surrounding temperature is too high.

  3. The specific demands for cooling the water temperature when the laser machine works. The water temperature has slight fluctuation when using a high-power water chiller compared with a low-power chiller, which is favorable to the stable laser power output.

  4. Maintenance  

     a. To ensure good heat dissipating, please open the lid to clean the dirt after the chiller is used in long-term.

     b. Users in cold area should use noncorrosive antifreeze fluid.

     c. Method of exchanging water in the water tank: Drain the waste water out of the water tank through the             drain outlet and fill the clean water into the tank through the flling hole.

     d. The circulating water should be exchanged every 3 months. The quality of the circulating water will                   directly influence the service life of the laser tube. It is recommended to use purified water or clean                   distilled water.