【Knowledge Sharing】The Replacement Operation of CO₂ Laser Tube

author: Ian Wang

First, we need to check the laser tube you want to replace, to make sure whether there are cracks on the tube surface, water inlet and outlet etc.

After checking and no cracks are found, then we can disassemble the laser tube, procedure is as below: 

1. First, turn off all the powers of the laser machine(including the power of laser tube and water chiller etc.);

2. Secondly, take off the high-voltage protection, and discharge the high voltage terminal. Then withdrawing the high/low voltage cable; 

3. Thirdly, pull out the water outlet pipe and emptying the water inside the tube, then pull out the water inlet pipe;

4. Fourthly, take the laser tube and finish the dis-assembly. 

【Knowledge Sharing】The Replacement Operation of CO₂ Laser Tube

Then, let’s install new CO₂ laser tube. The Installation picture is as below:

1. Make sure the right direction and place the laser tube according to the marking on the tube surface (Marking: This Side Up; Suggested Support Place) ; Correctly connecting the cables of cathode(laser output) and anode(high voltage terminal), water inlet pipe and water outlet pipe.

2. Turn on the water chiller, adjust the angle of laser tube; make sure the laser tube is full of coolant without bubbles and blocking. 

3. Tear down the yellow marking on the laser output, check the insulation protection of high-voltage terminal; turn on the power of laser tube and adjust the laser beam path.

【Knowledge Sharing】The Replacement Operation of CO₂ Laser Tube

Attention! Dangerous! Beam Path Adjusting Should Be Handled By Professional Person

1. Please avoiding to bump against the laser equipment and do not pollute the laser lens & mirrors during installation laser tube and adjusting beam path.

2. Anode (high voltage terminal) is equipped with a high-voltage protection rubber cap; covering the laser tube’s anode (high voltage terminal) with the high-voltage protection rubber cap after connecting firmly the high voltage cable and anode (high voltage terminal).

3. If the working environment is wet, we can apply 704 silica gel on the gap between tube wall, high voltage cable and high-voltage protection rubber cap to make it insulated and sealed.  

Procedure of Starting Laser Machine

1. Turn on the laser machine;

2. Turn on the water chiller;

3. Turn on the power of laser tube;

4. Set the relevant working parameter to make it work.

Shutdown Procedure

It’s OK to reverse the operation of starting procedure.