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CO2 Laser Tube 130W 130W Laser Tube
CO2 Laser Tube 130W 130W Laser Tube
CO2 Laser Tube 130W 130W Laser Tube
CO2 Laser Tube 130W 130W Laser Tube
CO2 Laser Tube 130W 130W Laser Tube

130W CO2 Laser Tube

The adoption of a Flange design on cathode and anode ends plus the unique resonator coating techniques, As H CO2 laser tubes outperform our competitors on beam quality and output stability, especially for the longtime usage.

The dust-proof device is available to overcome lens pollution issues while working in a contaminated working environment.
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Yongli As and H series laser tubes adopt chemical coating techniques on discharge tubes. Particularly, the As CO2 laser tubes employ the latest Island Structural Coating Techniques, also, the raw glass materials (Outer Tube, Water Jacket Tube and Discharge Tube) are all from German Schott. Thus, the catalytic ability and working life span of As series laser tubes have significant increase.

Co2 Laser Tubes 130W

Yongli As series CO2 glass laser tubes ranks at the top in nowadays CO2 laser market, according to their performance on Output power, Stability and Working Life. 

Nevertheless, in some industries and situations, Cost-effective is essential to win the market. To meet the Cost-effective enquiries from customers worldwide,  Yongli released H series CO2  laser tubes, which have a similar beam quality and working stability to the As CO2  laser tubes, but inevitably the working lifespans decreased slightly.

H series CO2 laser tubes also adopt the flange design and upgraded resonators to get the expected beam quality.

Co2 Laser Tubes 130W

High-Performance VS Cost-Efficiency
ModelYongli A6s CO2 Laser TubeYongli H6 CO2 Laser Tube
Rated Power130 W
Peak Power160 W
Length1650 mm
Red PointerOptional
Working Current30 mA
Recommend Working Current 24 mA
Ignition Voltage 30 kV33 kV
Working Voltage21 kV24 kV
Outer Diameterφ80 mmφ70 mm
Working Life12000 Hours7500 Hours
CatalystYES, Islands Structural (Gold) CoatingYES, Chemical Coating Technique
Warranty12 Months10 Months


Same as the other As models laser tubes, A6s utilizes II-VI Infrared Singapore Optical Components for the resonator lens, thus, obtaining remarkable density and output power,  so that it has quite good cutting performance.  


A6s & H6 Laser Tubes Cutting Performance Reference Table
*Please note that the cutting performance will be also influenced by the machine parameters or other factors, for instance, the quality of the laser beam alignment. *
MaterialsThicknessFastest SpeedSuggested Speed
Acrylic 3 mm40 mm/s35 mm/s
5 mm21 mm/s15 mm/s
8 mm15 mm/s10 mm/s
10 mm11 mm/s7 mm/s
15 mm7 mm/s4 mm/s
20 mm4 mm/s1.5 mm/s
25 mm1.8 mm/s0.8 mm/s
Die-board15 mm6 mm/s4.5 mm/s
18 mm4 mm/s2.5 mm/s
20 mm2.5 mm/s1.8 mm/s
MDF3 mm30 mm/s25 mm/s
5 mm21 mm/s18 mm/s
10 mm12 mm/s9 mm/s
15 mm7 mm/s5.5 mm/s
LeatherSingle Layer45 mm/s40 mm/s
(Excluding hard wood)
3 mm35 mm/s33 mm/s
5 mm30 mm/s28 mm/s
10 mm20 mm/s17 mm/s
15 mm15 mm/s13 mm/s
FabricSingle Layer400 mm/s395 mm/s
PVC2 mm90 mm/s88 mm/s
3 mm80 mm/s78 mm/s
4 mm75 mm/s73 mm/s
Steel2 mm8 mm/s6 mm/s
Stainless Steel0.5 mm50 mm/s40 mm/s
1 mm25 mm/s20 mm/s
1.5 mm10 mm/s8 mm/s
Dual-color Board2 mm55 mm/s50 mm/s
PaperSingle Layer450 mm/s40 mm/s
Atificial Rubber4 mm+1 mm45 mm/s43 mm/s
6 mm+2 mm30 mm/s28 mm/s


To get a smooth and even acrylic cutting result, also avoid burnings. Please pay attention to the airflow control. Try to use small volume airflow on the surface of the acrylic or apply the side blow method, make sure there is also airflow at the bottom of the acrylic plate as well.


Focal length and Airflow are key factors for Die-board cutting. We suggest utilizing the focal lens with over 100mm focal length. Such a focus path will make the knife slit more precise.

Faster cutting speed requires greater airflow on the material surface. 
The smaller the nozzle mouth applied, the more cutting power you will get.


The faster-cutting speed requires greater airflow over the material surface. 

 Leather & Fabric:

Laser power between 60W-100W is suggested and also equipped with a focal lens of 50 FL and a small power air compressor.


The faster-cutting speed requires greater airflow over the material surface.

 PVC & Dual-color Board:

Laser power between 60-100W is suggested and also equipped with a focal lens of 50 FL and try to control the output power between 50%-70%.


Steel cutting will need Oxygen support during the cutting process. Air Pressure:0.8 MPa.


 Low laser power and fast speed for paper cutting are highly recommended. There is no perfect power and speed for multi-types of machines, get the correct power and speed on your test, please.

 Artificial Rubber:

Normally, rubber cutting is a single-layer process, the reference we offered in this table is based on a double-layer cutting test.


Please don't be hesitate to contact either our pre-sale service online or any account manager you familiar with for your questions or concerns.