300W CO2 Laser Tube
Patented Linear Polarized Beam Combined Techniques
High Beam Quality
Kovar Techniques
Water and Temperature Protection System
Long Life Span
Island Structural (Gold) Coating for discharge tubes.
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Along with the development of modern industry and the progress of science and technology, the application of light is more frequent.  Carbon Dioxide Lasers are the lights that are the most relevant to our lives.

From advertising to clothing, marking processing to automobile manufacturing, scientific research and medical to military development. Plenty of fields are inseparable from CO2 lasers.

In order to meet the market demand for high-power CO2 lasers, the 300W CO2 Laser Tube with beam-combination techniques was developed.

 DLT 40Z Specifications 
 Peak Power320W
Rated Power300W
Beam Quality≤ 1.1
Recommended Output Current30mA
Absolute Max. Current38mA
Ignition Voltage40kV
Working Voltage26kV
Operation Temperature15~32℃
Storage Temperature-10~35℃
Operation Humidity30~60%RH 
Storage Humidity20~80%RH 

WARNING: While the temperature of the storage environment is below 0℃, the coolant (Water)inside the lasers must be drained out completely.

There is a variety of laser beam combining approaches to get high laser power, yet, the polarised beam combination is one of the most efficient techniques, with a beam combining efficiency close to 100%".

co2 laser tube 300w

The core benefits of Beam Combined 300W CO2 Laser Tubes that compare to others are the extremely stable output power and high beam quality

Comparing Items

Beam Combined Laser

Combined Laser

Working Principle

  Polarized Beam Combination

  Normal Single Tube

Work Modes

    Single Tube Working Mode

( Minimum Output PWR - 30W)

    Dual Tube Working Mode

( Maximum Output PWR - 320W)

  Single Tube Working Mode

  Low Power Output Unstable

  High Power Output Power Shifting


  Complete Metal Sealed Design

  Firmness and Elegant

  Copy CMSD

  No covers

  Easy to Break

High Voltage 


  Special HV Connector

  Handy & Firm Aviation Connector

  Soldering Wires

  Weak and Complex Wire Connection

High Voltage 


  Teflon+Si HV Protection Design

  Prevent Laser Tube from HV Sparks.

  Si Hose+Thermal Shrinkable Sleeve 

  Weak Electrodes Connection

  Gas Leakage and HV Sparks

Resonator Length

  Less than 1.6M

  More than 3M

Beam Quality

  Short Resonator Length

  Small Beam Size

  High Beam Density

  Random Polarized Laser Beam

  Long Resonator Length

  Low Beam Density

Output Stability

  Short Resonator(1.6M) 

  Continuously Stable Output Laser 


  Long Resonator(Over 3M)

  Power Shifting 


  US II-VI Resonator Optics

  Island Structural Discharge Coatings

  A-class Substrates, High Precisions

  Other Brands Resonator Optics

  Short Optics Lifespan.

  Hi-absorption Rate


  Metal Shells Annealing Treatment

  No Deformation

  Marble or Plastic Holders

  Easy to be damaged or distorted



  The Combined Laser Beam Is Non-polarized

  Smooth Cutting Results At Any Directions

  Front and Back Cutting Results are 

the Same for Thick Materials.

  Thin Cutting Kerf

  No Vector Shape Limitations for 

  Thick Materials

  Random Polarized Laser Beam

  Cutting Results are Different per Directions

  Front and Back Cutting Results are Different for Thick Materials.

  Wide Cutting Kerf

  Different Cutting Results for Thick 



Single Tube Replacable

Save Up Replacement Costs

  The Whole Tube Needs To Be Replaced.

Water Cooling
Water-break/Overtemperature Protection Device, Protect Laser Tubes from Water Cooling Malfunctions

  No Water-break/Overtemperature


Cautious Items

Water Cooling Compliant To 


Check Output Protection Lens 


  Water Cooling Compliant To 


  No Protection Lens, Limited Working Conditions.

  Caution to Dust & Residue Cleaning, Avoid HV Sparks or Gas Leakage 

  From Reflectors.

DLT - 40Z has a better cutting ability for organic materials; for instance, the maximum cutting thickness is 30mm.  and for metals, such as carbon steel it reaches 4mm and ≤ 3mm stainless steel.

For a proper installation, please refer to the drawings below:

yongli 300 watts

There are TWO Negative High Voltage Power Supplies that come with DLT-40Z.  Please follow the connection instructions below. 

*Note that regular high-voltage power supplies WILL NOT work with DLT series laser tubes. *

300w co2 laser tube

THInput SignalHigh-level ≥ 3V   Pmin-Pmax
TLInput SignalShort-circuited When   Not Use
WPProtection SwitchesShort-circuited When   Not Use
GSignal GroundWell Connected
INInput Signal0-5V Analogue Signals   or PWM Signals (1≥20KHz)
5VOutput PowerOutput Voltage: 5V /   Max Output Current: 50mA

High-Level Signal Control:

co2 laser tube 300w

Low-Level Signal Control:

yongli 300 watts

Kind Reminders:

In order to assist end users in having a stable and accurate installation, Yongli DLT-40Z is designed with the Air Bubble Leveler installation positions on both sides of the laser. The Air Bubble Leveler is a  standard one that you can easily find at your local stores. 

300w co2 laser tube