30W CO2 Laser Tube
FLANGE design
German Schott Glass, US II-VI Infrared Optics(As Series).
High Response Time
Excellent Beam Size
All Incoterms
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1 piece
Supply Ability:
50piece / Day
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US $230.00 - US $260.00 / piece
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Yongli's 30W CO2 laser tube A0s is designed for marking or engraving jobs on organic materials, such as wood, acrylic, fabric and rubber etc.

Yongli As series laser tubes apply our own patented technology to modify the size and mode of the A0s  laser beam, effectively resolving the beam distortion and increasing the beam density.

         Co2 Laser Tubes

Due to the high response time and sound beam quality, Yongli A0s has been widely used in engraving and marking laser machines. 

Additionally, the A0s laser tube has also been applied in the medical cosmetology and the garment industry and owned a great reputation for skin treatment and single-layer fabric cutting.

The laser cutting ability for A0s is limited, it will be only processable on thin materials, for instance, papers or plastic films.

 Yongli A0s CO2 Laser Tube 
Rated Power  28W
Peak Power  35W
Length  600mm
Red Point IndicatorOptional
Working Current  20mA
Recommend Working Current 16mA
Ignition Voltage 12kV
Working Voltage  8kV
Outer Diameter  80mm
Working Life  6000 Hours
Warranty  6 Months
Catalyst  YES 

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