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Handheld Power Meter

0-200W Measuring scope
10.6 nm wavelength laser
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HLP-200B is the handhold CO2 Laser Powermeter that manufactured by Yongli Laser.

The measurement scope is between 0W-200W and decimal place accuracy, 1place.

Continues measurement for 2-3 CO2 Laser Tubes.

3V Button battery supplies the functioning power of the HLP-200B.co2 laser powermeter

co2 laser power meter            portable powermeter

Kind Reminder:

1. To assure the measuring accuracy, please test the emitting laser beams within the inside 4 circles of the Target Surface.

2. Please use the Button Battery of 3V/3.6V 2032

3. Max continuously laser power measurement is 3 laser tubes, after that the HLP-200B needs a 2-3 minute cooling time.