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Red Point Indicator

Red Point Indicator
Simplify CO2 Laser Beam Alignment
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Beam Visible Accessory for Yongli As, H, T and B series Laser Tubes, in order to make the beam alignment easier.

Structures and Working Principles:

CO2 Laser Red PointerCO2 Laser Tube Red Point Indicator

Aperture: CO2 Laser Beam & Red Pointer Beam Outlet.

Air Hole: Compressed Air Blowing Connection. φ4mm hose and airflow requirement: 150~450L/Min.

Laser Tube Installation Dimension: M18*0.75

Electric Requirments:4.5~5VDC (Red: Positive / Black:Negative)

Red Pointer for Laser Tubes


CO2 Laser Red Pointer