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ZnSe CO2 Laser Focus Lens D20 F38.1

II-VI D20 F38.1
Long Durability
High Precision
Large Clear Aperture
All Incoterms
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The II-VI ZnSe focus lens adopts the II-VI zinc selenide for substrate and applied AR coatings on both sides.

The CO2 Laser Focus Lens of 20mm Dia. / 38.1mmFL is made by Yongli's strategic partner the US II-VI Infrared, due to the shorter focal length of the lens, it normally used for high precise engraving or thin materials cutting jobs.

co2 laser lens 20

Kind Reminders:

Gently and smoothly clean both sides of the CO2 focus lens and make sure there is NO dust, fingerprint and contamination by air-borne particles etc. Such contaminations may cause the lens coating damage by the high-power laser beam within no time.